Dune Casu


Dune’s first foray into commercial games was starting Funselektor fresh from game programming school with the title, Absolute Drift in 2015. After its release, he built a camper van to go on adventures through North America, while creating of art of rally, which launched in 2020.

Friedel Verpoort


Friedel is a programmer that loves creating games more than playing them and loves a good challenge. His previous experience includes Forza Street, and six projects porting Orange Pixel games to Switch. He joined the Funselektor crew one week before art of rally launched and has enjoyed the ride ever since. When he's not behind his desktop (where he mostly resides) he does his best to enjoy life to the fullest.

Jamie Churchman

Vehicle and General Artist

Jamie Churchman is a video game artist who started in the industry in the early 2000’s. Cutting his fresh teeth on PS2 and Xbox art assets, he later moved to a lead artist position on several console games. After going independent in the 2010’s his focus spread to UI/UX and game design alongside art. This culminated in an IGF finalist spot for his contribution to visual art and design on the game Mini Metro.

Vyacheslav "Tatreal" Koristov


Slava is a self-employed sound designer from Ukraine, specializing in electronic music. With a focus on motorsport videos and ads, Slava has crafted original soundtracks and sound effects, including his notable work on the critically acclaimed game, art of rally.


Chris Taljaard

Virtual Photography

Tetiana Bertrand


Boyan Bratanov

QA & Community