The Art of Racing Games

Funselektor launched in 2014 when its founder, Dune Casu developed his prototype made at a game jam which would later become Funselektor's debut title, Absolute Drift in 2015. After the release of his first game and with the drive to apply his passion for rally in a new game, Dune immediately began development on Funselektor's second title, art of rally while supporting Absolute Drift. It involved collaborators for art and music until 2020 when more developers and producers came on to help finish it and provide post-launch support.


Combined with the skyrocketing cost of housing in Vancouver and his love of travel, Dune decided to convert a cargo van into a fully operational camper, complete with a kitchen, bed, solar panels, and most importantly a workspace. This is where Dune would develop the majority of art of rally while traveling across the US, Canada and Mexico, sometimes returning home to focus on development for a few months, but as Dune is an adventure seeker, it wouldn't be long until he was back on the road again traveling, competing in mountain bike races, rock climbing and more. Dune's North American and international travels ended up playing an influential role in art of rally, from the picturesque natural scenes that he spent time in, to weather conditions and lighting. Always a motorsport nut, growing up playing racing games such as Need for Speed, Driv3r, Colin Mcrae Rally and the Dirt Series translated to real experience in a New Zealand rally school where he got a chance to drive WRC rally cars from the 90's and training at the DirtFish rally school.

The Future

There's still plenty in store for art of rally, and now with a team backing him up the chance to pursue future titles is on the horizon. Even though Dune is now settled in a small mountain town he's still considering hopping back in the van again, chasing new inspiration on the road.